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Be an AHB Rockstar: Michele Week 9.

Making progress in working towards a healthier lifestyle doesn’t always directly translate to pounds lost on a scale, but Michele learns there are other ways to measure progress…

scale-trashWhile I am happy with the progress I am making, I was a little disappointed to see that the numbers on the scale seem to be stuck this week. I’m eating right and exercising A LOT, but I don’t seem to be losing additional weight. On Saturday I had my 8-week check in with Alicia and learned that I’ve lost 8 and a half inches! I am psyched! It’s no wonder my pants aren’t fitting! The more weight and inches I lose, the more motivated I am becoming. I am diligent about my calorie intake and about making sure I drink enough water and continue exercising daily… or almost daily! This is definitely a lifestyle change in that I don’t even have to think about “what’s for dinner?” because I know what my options are – and they are healthy.

Kara is keeping me balanced by giving me recipes, food choices and encouraging me to try new things. I am continuing to try foods that I’ve never tried and never thought I would. This week I was visiting a healthy friend and she encouraged me to try hummus. I liked it so much that on the way home from her house, I stopped and bought some! Not only do I like it, but I’ve introduced my husband and my daughter to it and they like it too. Another healthy option for the whole family.

broccolliWhen I grocery shop, I stick to the outer aisles of the store like I always should have done, but didn’t do. I fill my basket with fruits, vegetables, lean meats and healthy grains. I snack and meal plan so I won’t be caught off guard. I bring water bottles everywhere, along with a baggie of sliced vegetables and an apple or banana. I am truly not hungry because I eat small healthy snacks throughout the day. This is all common knowledge that I have known for years, but I never thought important enough to do in my everyday life. Now that I am doing it, I am not looking back!

I am healthy. And I know I will continue to get healthier.


Leave a comment: How do you measure progress besides the number on the scale?

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.



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Be an AHB Rockstar: Kathleen’s Reintroduction!

Kathleen recaps her journey the past 12 weeks. I dare you to keep a dry eye. Even though Kathleen thinks I don’t have any emotion (besides crazy), I couldn’t keep it together.


photo-99 months ago there was a girl who was stuck in a body that didn’t belong to her. She was self conscious, she envied those who knew what healthy was, and she had no idea how to join them. She had these goals that seemed so ambitious and outrageous that they seemed completely out of reach.


12 weeks ago that same girl found herself smaller, and a whole lot healthier. She had all the tools that she needed to succeed, but she couldn’t put them together in a way that would make them last forever.

And now here stands a girl – who’s not only even smaller and healthier, she’s stronger and faster too. More importantly she believes in herself and is able to push herself beyond her comfort zone in order to achieve her goals.

When I began this journey last spring, I just wanted to look good in my wedding pictures. Somewhere in the middle of all of this- it became much more than just the size of a wedding dress. It’s about confidence. Self worth. New friendships. Realizing that you can do something you couldn’t do 12 weeks ago. Health. Trying new things. Self acceptance. A new found admiration for fitness. Happiness.

Yes, you were right Alicia, I did surprise myself with what I was able to accomplish. And I’m not stopping here. My next two big goals? Now that I’m conquering 5Ks, I want to push myself to complete a 10K. And the craziest, most outrageous one?

Are you sitting down?

I’m doing a triathlon this summer. (I guess now I really have to go through with it since I just announced it to the world, huh?) Did you pick up your jaw from the ground yet? Because I’m pretty sure mine was there for a week after my trusty sidekick told me “You’re doing it.” I only do one of the three activities (and not THAT well!) so the thought of what I have to do to get there is downright terrifying. But as I’ve learned- the more fears and doubts that I have now, the sweeter crossing the finish line will be. (That doesn’t mean I won’t take all of the positive thoughts and advice I can get!)

So as I am moving on with my goals and wrapping this program up, there are some people who deserve a small thank you for being a big part in all of this:

To my friends, family and my parents (especially my mom): Thank you for always seeing the real Kathleen, for consistently reading my blog, and for believing in me always.

a & kTo my fiancee: Thank you for being my rock – for listening to me vent, for standing in the freezing cold to cheer me on at the finish line, and for congratulating me on even my smallest victories. I know that on our wedding day you will see me as nothing less than beautiful, no matter what I look like in my wedding dress.

To my “fitness family”: my bootcamp buddies, my running friends- thank you for making me laugh through the worst circuits ever, for 38 burpees to a Taylor Swift song (for absolutely NO reason), and for giving me the energy to push through that last half mile.

To those of you who just happened to stumble upon my story and cheer me on: I don’t even know half of you, but yet whenever I need motivation- there you are in my head, encouraging me to keep going.

To all of the ladies who make up A Healthy Balance: You don’t know how lucky I feel to have discovered such an amazing place where I feel completely at home. Thank you for helping me to learn, grow, and change. Maisie: thank you for making me realize that it’s okay to go out to breakfast and eat pancakes- and not want to jump off a cliff after. You helped me work through the crazy, and taught me to always see the positive in every situation.

And finally- to Alicia: because NONE of this would be possible if it wasn’t for you. From Day 1 (well 2 since I cancelled on you the first day!) you have always pushed me to try harder, be faster and do better. Thank you for dealing with me on my not so good days, and for being by my side to celebrate my successful ones. I can’t wait to keep making you proud.

Allow me to re-introduce myself. (yes, cue the Jay-Z!) My name is Kathleen. I’ve lost over 50 pounds. I am “normal.” I can do “real” push ups. I am healthy. I am an aspiring fitness enthusiast. I am a runner. I am balanced. I am inspired. I am confident. I am a Rockstar!


Don’t know what you are going to do without your weekly Wednesday read anymore? Continue to follow Kathleen’s journey on her brand-spanking new blog www.halfassbadass.wordpress.com

Do you think you would make a good Rockstar? Or know someone who would?  We are looking for our next Rockstar to take on the challenge. Email Alicia@AHealthyBalanceInc.com for details.

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.



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Be a Switch Eater.

Alot of clients do a great job of staying on track with their nutrition plans for meals, but get derailed when it comes to snacking. Snacking can lead to tons of extra calories without even noticing. Since you’ve probably heard a lot of good tricks to limit snacking already tried most of them (drink more water, take a walk, think about something else, snack on ice chips –that’s a shout out to Mariah Carey pre-Jenny) I’d like to run a new one by you that you may not have heard.

Snack with your opposite hand.  If you are usually a righty, use your left hand and vice-versa.  Just this small change can actually make a difference of how much you eat by up to 30%.  By using your non-dominant hand, your brain has to think harder about what it’s doing, making you more aware of what you’re eating.  When you use your usual hand to eat you are less likely to notice how much you are putting in your mouth since that hand is more able to move without you realizing it.  You may have had all good intentions of just having a few handfuls of Pirate’s Booty, but before you know it you are left with an empty bag, cheesy finger tips and most likely a belly ache.  To help aid you from not ending up in this situation, Switch It Up (or pre-portion the Booty into a bowl and step away from the bag asap).  Now, I’m not sure what the most effective way to execute the switch is, but here are some suggestions:


  1. Have a friend or loved one tie your dominant hand behind your back.  This will also make it more difficult to open cabinets, the fridge, or use any utensils, which will ultimately result in a similar outcome – eating less.
  2. Sit or lay on your dominant arm.  This will make sure that you don’t get tempted to unswitch (re-switch?) and start scarfing down snacks without realizing it.
  3. Have a friend or loved on sit on your hand or arm.  This may be uncomfortable, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
  4. Stare at your dominant hand the whole time you eat so that you know it will not move.  After a minute or two you should be so bored of doing this that your desire to eat the rest of snack will have passed and you can go about your business.


Ok, so in reality these may seem a little crazy, but mindless eating is a problem that many of us face.  Instead of listening to your body and waiting until you’re actually hungry you get used to eating at certain times or in specific environments and you end up consuming calories when you are not hungry.  So, next time it’s 3 O’clock and you walk by the vending machine imagine what you’re boss will think when he passes by your desk and you’re eating a bag of chips with your left hand as your co-worker stacks heavy objects on top of your right one.  Hopefully, this image will deter you from mindlessly eating vending machine garbage or it will just make you laugh but either way it will make you think harder about whether or not you need that snack at all.  The key is to always be conscious of what you’re putting in your mouth and make every bite count.


-Be Healthy. Be Balanced.


A Healthy Balance
14B Alleyne St

Quincy, MA

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Be A Healthy Chef: Maui Burgers!

I’m loving this warm summer-esque weather we’ve been having and there is nothing I love more than cooking on the grill. And even more than cooking on the grill, I love that there is no clean up afterwards!

Try these Maui burgers for a healthy and sweet spin on the traditional burger.

To prepare:

1. Form 1/4 lb lean ground turkey into patties

2. Mix in 1/8 cup teriyaki sauce

3. Grill to desired temperature

4. Grill sliced pineapple rings

5. Place burger and pineapple on a whole wheat bun

6. Top with additional teriyaki sauce

7. Enjoy!


 I paired mine with baked sweet potato “chips” for dinner


Nutrition information

Calories               335

Total fat                10.5 g

Saturated fat        2.5 g

Cholesterol          95 mg

Sodium                 712 mg

Carbohydrate      36 g

Fiber                       7 g

Protein                  26 g

Prep time: 15 minutes

Total price for 4 servings: $10.46

Been there, cooked that tips:

  • Try substituting veggie burgers for turkey for a vegetarian swap out
  • This recipe is a little high in sodium so make sure to pair it with a low sodium side
  • Top with additional veggies (red onion, jalapenos, spinach, etc) for  a little extra kick
If you enjoy this recipe, make sure to check out our new RD approved cookbook that’s hot off the presses. Be A Healthy Chef! is available for just $22. Contact us to order yours!
Be Healthy. Be Balanced.
-Alicia and Nikki

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Be Claimed.

Do all of the health claims on food packaging confuse you? Well let me define a few for you…

Let’s start with food label claims about calories:

  • Calorie free…………. less than 5 calories per serving
  • Low Calorie……….. less than 40 calories per sering
  • Light……………….. one third fewer calories or half half the fat of the regular product
  • Reduced calorie….. at least 25% less calories than the regular product

Be sure to check back for more tips on reading food labels.


Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

-Alicia and Nikki

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Be Dressed Up.

Here’s another holiday eating tip:

Dress for success!

Instead of showing up to your Thanksgiving dinner in loose fitting jeans, or even worse-sweatpants, wear something form fitting. By wearing something that fits you properly, you’ll be less likely to eat until your pants feel tight and you won’t have an elastic waist band that allows you “wiggle” room (no pun intended).


Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

-Alicia and Nikki

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(Don’t) Be a Turkey.

So the count down to Thanksgiving is right around the corner and most people are trying to figure out how to stay on track with their healthy eating habits. One Thanksgiving staple that there are a lot of questions about is turkey and the difference between white meat and dark meat. So which is healthier?  A 3.5 ounce serving of white meat has fewer calories (161) and fat (4g) than dark meat which has 192 calories and 8 grams of fat. So the big difference is in the amount of fat in each serving, but the real diet saboteur is the skin. A serving of white meat with the skin jumps to 194 calories and 8 grams of fat and a serving of dark meat with the skin carries 232 calories and 13 grams of fat.

Moral of the story: try to stay away from the skin!

Stay tuned all week for tips on how to stay healthy during the holidays!


Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

-Alicia and Nikki

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