Be an AHB Rockstar: Megan Week 6.

Does vacation spell disaster for Megan?…


As most of you may know, last week was probably not my best post. Since then, I came across a quote on Pinterest that resonated with me the other day. It said “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good


attitude while waiting.” If you know me, I can be quite impatient at times. I find that I have become more impatient with my weight loss journey. Before I started with AHB I was looking for quick fixes- juice cleanses, Weight Watchers, you name it I probably tried it. But this is the first time I have stuck with something consistently and that I can say I am proud of myself for . Sure, I have had my off days, but who doesn’t? So with that not-so-great post behind me, it is only onward and upward from here!

So, getting back into it. I went on a mini vacay to Florida this week. When I think of vacation I think R&R, drinks with umbrellas, and eating whatever. But this was not the case this time. I had to stick to my guns. I woke up the morning we were leaving and went to yoga. Check one- keeping to my schedule so far and then we were off a few hours after that. When I told Andrea I was going away for a few days we planned out how I could make better decisions while traveling. That part was easy, I packed a few granola bars for snacking and that worked out. It also helps that I can sleep anywhere and everywhere so I wasn’t tempted by the food offered on the plane. The next few days flew by but I was always mindful of what I was eating. For lunches I would use whole wheat bread, have more veggies than pasta salad, and drink more water. The thing I am most proud of though was when we went to a burger joint for dinner. As everyone around me ordered big burgers with fries I opted for the turkey burger with lettuce as the bun and broccoli for a side. Yes, you read that correctly. I was high fiving myself for the rest of the night and could not wait to get back and report to Andrea and Alicia.
6a00e0097e4e688833016305c07b61970d-320wiAlicia also gave me a body weight circuit to do and you know what? I did it the morning I woke up in sunny Florida! Go me! Before I would use a vacation as an excuse not to do anything exercise related but not anymore. We also kayaked, fished, played yard games and went for a walk. All in all I think I had a successful trip. While kayaking with the manatees I could only think about how much they had the life, just floating around doing and eating whatever. It was then I realized I had been my own sort of manatee for awhile, doing nothing and thinking it was ok. But now I’m being more active and on vacation no less! Yes, it’s ok to be a manatee sometimes but not for long. Now with moving forward the only worry I have is how much bootcamp is going to hurt after missing two days!
Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

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  1. Totally jealous that you got to kayak with manatees!

    Great job keeping on track while on vacation, that’s definitely something I need to learn to do.

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