Be an AHB Rockstar: Megan Week 1

Megan dove right into week 1 and lives to tell the tale!

This past week was a week of firsts for me. I was the most sore I have ever been, I met with Andrea the nutritionist, went to yoga, and went to boot camp! It was a little rough because I was battling a cold but I didn’t die and that in and of itself is a huge feat!


I had my first training with Alicia on Saturday and by our next training session on Wednesday, I was STILL sore! I am usually sore for about two days, but that girl can work you and muscles you never knew you had! It was insane but in a sick way I enjoyed it because I knew I was getting a good workout. What’s a little waddle here and there when you are working to get fit, right?

I am so excited to finally be working with a nutritionist. I personally think this is my biggest issue with trying to get in shape. Sometimes I feel like I am eating well but I have issues with portions. I will get caught up in having it be healthy and not caring how much I eat of it, which is clearly not the way to go about things. Andrea was great. She said I was making good decisions on food but made tweaks where I needed them and told me what times are best to eat. It will be cool to see how her tweaks will help with my energy level and hunger level.

Another one of my resolutions for this year is to do more yoga. I was very pleased to have Alicia tell me they have yoga classes. So on Thursday I got my non-flexible self together and to yoga I went. I must say, it was a great class. I’ve done yoga before but this was a lot more easy going and the instructor was very helpful and cheery.

Until now!

Until now!

Then came the day for boot camp- 8am on a Saturday boot camp. I won’t sugar coat this, but I was less than thrilled to be up at that time on a day I can sleep in. But lets be serious here, Alicia is not someone I want to be on the bad side of. I mean, I am scared that I will have to do burpees if I say I can’t do something when I am not even around her! Kudos to her though, she has got me in this though and to that I am thankful! This was my first ever boot camp so I didnt really know what to expect, except for hell of course. I have heard plenty of horror stories of boot camps so I was a bit nervous. Luckily, a fellow co-worker (shout out to you, Jenna!) was doing it as well so that made it more enjoyable. I surprisingly didn’t die and the others were great inspiration. It was serious, but light hearted which was nice. I actually want to go back!

With week one down and eleven to go I am ready to take on more things and get better and healthier as the days go by!


Be Healthy. Be Balanced.


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