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Be an AHB Rockstar: Megan Week 4.

Megan is starting to figure out that being healthy doesn’t just happen inside the walls of AHB. Healthy has to be a lifestyle change.

This week was a good week! I did well nutrition wise and some what improved on my off day workouts.

I had some overtimes at work this week which means I work until 8. They provide the dinner which is nice but lets face it, they order fast, cheap, and easy food. When you stay for overtime you can bank on having a.) pizza b.) wraps c.) pasta or d.) PIZZA! As you

pizza boxes

can see, more often than not, you’re going to get pizza. It’s good that I know what I am getting myself into ahead of time (this is huge because this is never the case). And since I knew we would be getting an unhealthy dinner, I planned! Yes, you read that correctly. I PLANNED! I planned out my dinner! Ring the alarm, Beyonce! I usually make my lunch and bring it to work but I rarely take dinner to overtime. Who can resist a slice of pizza or one of those lovely wraps? Well, THIS girl resisted those this week and opted for a veggie burger, peppers, and some brown rice from home. Are you drooling yet? I felt so much better during overtime once I ate my home made meal. I was less lethargic and didn’t feel sick.
To add to the goodness of this week, I had two accomplishments. For starters, Erin, one of the AHB the yoga instructors, told me I was doing a very good chaturanga a.k.a. the yoga push-up or low plank. I honestly didnt even know if I was doing it right, but I was! She also told me that she has seen a lot of improvement in my practice since I have started. That really meant a lot. If you haven’t been to one of Erin’s classes I highly suggest you get to one. It is by far the best yoga class I have ever been to. It is fun, care free, and she is so helpful! I can not say enough. I look forward to Thursday mornings every week and just want to keep improving my inner-yogi!
jeff probst
For my second accomplishment, are you ready? I did a two minute plank! A TWO MINUTE PLANK, PEOPLE! And at the END of boot camp, might I add. I tend to get very competitive so when Alicia decided to have us do a plank contest I knew I had to suck it up and get my stuff together. And then it began! I know I will be made fun of for this but who cares! To keep my concentration on my plank, I imagined that I was on Survivor. Yes, I still watch that show and no I can not get enough of Jeff Probst. There I said it. I could picture him saying “You got this, Megan. Win this plank challenge and you will be named the Survivor of AHB.” Pathetic, maybe, but it worked. Judge away but I won! Holla! That little accomplishment was huge for me and I was so stoked about it. I remember back in my hay day bragging about how I funneled two beers and here I am bragging about how I held a plank for two minutes. My how times have changed! Look, Ma, I’m growing up! Ha!
Looking back at this week and it’s little accomplishments and encouragements, it really got me excited to see what the future me can do. And from what I saw this week, the future me is going to accomplish a lot! Say it with me Charlie Sheen…..I’M WINNING!
Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

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Be an AHB Rockstar: Megan Week 3.

61cade7bec4c09e9b43599a5706743bcWe’re all human… the good, the bad, and the ugly

Well, I can honestly say that this was not my best week. I asked Alicia if I could just skip this write up and just go ahead to the next week, but everything and anything must be documented. I feel like this is an episode of MTV’s Diary (whoa, throwback!). Enter, “You think you know, but you have no idea. This is the diary of  Megan trying to get healthy.”

OK, enough reminiscing. This week started out with a snowstorm so it cancelled work and a boot camp and then there was a work outing one night and we all know how that goes. Now, as you know, I am not one for a lot of motivation when it comes to doing things on my own and especially when there are snow days! So, truth be told, I bailed but managed to go to yoga and a boot camp. I am not proud of it, but I did it. And I came clean to Alicia about it and that was a scarier confession than when they made you do it in CCD. Instead of penance in Hail Marys and Our Fathers, she makes you do squats and burpees. The craziest part about this lazy week was how much of a difference I noticed in that one boot camp. Since I have been consistently going my body was used to it and then I didn’t go for three days. Boy, was I sucking wind! Boot camp is never easy, you just get better and I never thought that comment would hold any truth, and now I can see that it does. It makes me never want to miss a boot camp again! I feel like I came so far and then crashed. I could see that I am getting stronger and that I just need to keep at it.
Dinner is served

Dinner is served

But there is always some good with the bad, right? And the good part of this week was meeting with Andrea. Andrea gave me some great recipes to try out for dinner. I’m not much of a cook so I opted for the easiest and fastest recipes. During my snow day from work, I decided I would try out one of the recipes and of course, the dessert. On the menu was Veggie Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf and Whole Oat Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. I am not one for meatloaf, but this was really good and not that hard at all to make. The only thing I did wrong was make it look like a creepy cake by putting it in a cake pan instead of a loaf pan. I mean, honestly, what 28 year old has a loaf pan? Then came the cookies, super easy and ridiculously delicious! For my boyfriend to like these two new healthy recipes was big too.

This week may not have been the best work out wise but it opened doors for healthier eating. What I am slowly learning on this journey is that you cant beat yourself up over the little things. Alicia will do that for you…haha I kid, I kid! In all seriousness, this is real life. I’m a real person and I’m going to have set backs. This isnt one of those cheesy (mmm, did someone say cheese?) infomercials where you see dramatic results in two weeks. That’s not real. This is real. Things are going to happen but the best part of it is that there is a tomorrow’s ass you can kick to make up for that yesterday.
Be Healthy. Be Balanced.


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Be an AHB Rockstar: Megan Week 2.

Week 2 and Megan is starting to figure out a routine, making healthy part of her daily habits!

DEAR LORD! This is the saying that Alicia has decided to keep track of while we are training. I seem to have become very religious when I am around her with her having me do burpees, prisoners squats, and everything else. I feel like we lose count as the sessions go on though, so we shall see what our final count will be next week!exercise-cartoon1

I dont want to toot my own horn or anything, but I was quite happy at what I did this past week. I like the schedule that Alicia put together for me. One day of training, two bootcamps, a yoga class, and to two cardio work outs to do on my own. To be honest, it is much easier for me to go to the classes and training because it’s planned and I am held accountable for my attendance. I am trying to become a morning person and to get my workouts done then, but when my alarm goes off it is so hard not to press that snooze button. My boyfriend says I am a Walking Dead extra when I get up in the morning and I can’t argue with that. I have to have him force me to get up and out the door to the gym. But hey, whatever works, right?
Speaking of getting my workouts in early, I would like to mention that I got up at 5am on a Friday to go to 5:30am bootcamp! It may not seem like a big deal, but for this walking dead zombie it was HUGE! And you know what? I had fun! Lets see if I can keep that up.
During the week I was good at sticking to the foods Andrea and I had gone over. For the first time I
MC water

Cute new water bottle 🙂

actually made sure I was drinking eight 8oz glasses of water. It made me less hungry during the day and kept me hydrated. It also didnt hurt that I got a cute new water bottle….it’s the little things! I did find that during the week I am much better with the food I choose because I am at work and I have a set schedule. When it comes to weekends, things are everywhere. I look forward to speaking with Andrea about how do choose better options while I am out because I need it. I always see it as a “reward” for doing well during the week but I know I cant look at it that way if I am going to be serious about this.
Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

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Be an AHB Rockstar: Megan Week 1

Megan dove right into week 1 and lives to tell the tale!

This past week was a week of firsts for me. I was the most sore I have ever been, I met with Andrea the nutritionist, went to yoga, and went to boot camp! It was a little rough because I was battling a cold but I didn’t die and that in and of itself is a huge feat!


I had my first training with Alicia on Saturday and by our next training session on Wednesday, I was STILL sore! I am usually sore for about two days, but that girl can work you and muscles you never knew you had! It was insane but in a sick way I enjoyed it because I knew I was getting a good workout. What’s a little waddle here and there when you are working to get fit, right?

I am so excited to finally be working with a nutritionist. I personally think this is my biggest issue with trying to get in shape. Sometimes I feel like I am eating well but I have issues with portions. I will get caught up in having it be healthy and not caring how much I eat of it, which is clearly not the way to go about things. Andrea was great. She said I was making good decisions on food but made tweaks where I needed them and told me what times are best to eat. It will be cool to see how her tweaks will help with my energy level and hunger level.

Another one of my resolutions for this year is to do more yoga. I was very pleased to have Alicia tell me they have yoga classes. So on Thursday I got my non-flexible self together and to yoga I went. I must say, it was a great class. I’ve done yoga before but this was a lot more easy going and the instructor was very helpful and cheery.

Until now!

Until now!

Then came the day for boot camp- 8am on a Saturday boot camp. I won’t sugar coat this, but I was less than thrilled to be up at that time on a day I can sleep in. But lets be serious here, Alicia is not someone I want to be on the bad side of. I mean, I am scared that I will have to do burpees if I say I can’t do something when I am not even around her! Kudos to her though, she has got me in this though and to that I am thankful! This was my first ever boot camp so I didnt really know what to expect, except for hell of course. I have heard plenty of horror stories of boot camps so I was a bit nervous. Luckily, a fellow co-worker (shout out to you, Jenna!) was doing it as well so that made it more enjoyable. I surprisingly didn’t die and the others were great inspiration. It was serious, but light hearted which was nice. I actually want to go back!

With week one down and eleven to go I am ready to take on more things and get better and healthier as the days go by!


Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

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