Be Intended.

It’s the first Monday of 2014 and many of us have probably set (and maybe even fallen off with) New Year’s Resolutions. April shares some interesting insights into New Year’s Resolutions 

The way I see it, at the end of each year, we take a look back on the past twelve months and breakdown our successes and failures. Yes, we like to highlight and maybe even brag about our accomplishments, but we also spend too much time reflecting on the things we didn’t do, or didn’t do well enough. Then we decide to make all sorts of resolutions. Maybe we plan to lose weight, eat better, quit a job or a bad habit, start something new, become more organized. The list is endless. But on January 1st, that’s the day that these changes will go into effect. Now, it’s not that these aren’t good things. It’s just by placing such high demands on ourselves and the year ahead, we also place added stress to our already hectic lives. A few weeks or a month go by and we begin to fall off of the wagon and once again we feel defeated.

New Year's Resolutions

What if we set intentions for the new year rather than making resolutions? According to Merriam-Webster, a resolution is the act of resolving something. Resolving something, as in a past problem perhaps.  Merriam-Webster defines an intention as a determination to act in a certain way. An aim or a purpose. An intention sounds more hopeful, more positive. It doesn’t sound like we’re trying to fix something that is broken. It sounds like we are living in each moment fully and looking toward our future with endless possibilities. In my opinion it’s a pretty awesome way to help guide you through your lifelong journey. And just in case you fall off the wagon, it’s okay. You brush it off, remind yourself that you are in fact human and use it as another great experience and stepping stone for a new beginning. And it doesn’t matter if that new beginning is on January 1 or December 31 or anywhere in between. That’s the best part – every day we wake up we have a chance to do something new and to live our life to it’s fullest potential. In fact, every moment of every day is a brand new moment. Another moment to be more aware, more present, more fulfilled. Maybe a moment to be more mindful of our beautiful planet, more respectful of others and more compassionate of yourself. Another moment to be the very best YOU.


So go ahead, celebrate yourself and ring in 2014! Make it the best year yet for your body, your mind and your spirit. Send those intentions out to the universe and let the universe respond.

Happy New Year!

Namaste.  ~April Pascarelli

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2 responses to “Be Intended.

  1. I love this – such a great perspective!

  2. Perfect! I refused to make resolutions this year. I’m entering a new decade of life this month (eek) and have decided to be the best me I can be. I’ve set small health and fitness goals for the year instead of unattainable resolutions, like I’ve done every other year. I just want to focus on loving me and being well balanced! See you tomorrow at noon 🙂

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