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Be an AHB Rockstar: Michele Week 8.

Michele is at the 2/3 mark for her 12 week program is continuing to see progress and realizes that early morning wake up calls are totally worth the results! 

Remember my new skinny jeans that I was so excited about a few weeks back? Yea, well those jeans no longer fit! I can put them on and take them off without unbottoning or unzipping. I’ve been waiting for this day for years. The saying “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” finally makes sense. (Not that I’m skinny, but I’m headed there and aiming for “healthy” not “skinny” anyways)

Usually when springtime comes, I change my closets. It’s time to put away the winter clothes and bring out the spring clothes. I have donated my winter clothes and the spring clothes that fit are scarce. Normally I would be frustrated at the lack of outfit options but since the reason my choices are limited is because I’ve lost weight, I don’t mind juggling what I have. It won’t be long before I am at my goal and can go on shopping spree!


8:00 AM?!?! I wish!!! Try 6:00 AM for my Saturday wake up call

People are noticing and that makes me feel good. Getting up early on Saturday mornings when I’d rather sleep in is paying off. I really do not think I am ever going to quit eating healthy and exercising regularly; the benefits are too great.

Weekly meetings with Kara are beneficial in giving me ideas of better food options and meal ideas. I have “homework” which is to try new foods each week. Some foods that I will be adding to my regular grocery list which I had never tried before: mango, asparagus, and quinoa. I tried cauliflower but will NOT be adding that to the list! Three out of four ain’t bad, right?! I feel like such a grown up trying all these new foods!


My grocery list looks very different these days

I’m so appreciative of the time and effort offered to me by Alicia and Kara. I know it’s me doing the work, but without there guidance and support, I’d be lost!


-Be Healthy. Be Balanced.


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Be an AHB Rockstar: Michele Week 7.

Michele continues on her journey with week 7 and accomplishes some pretty awesome healthy lifestyle victories. (And just an FYI, I did not bribe Michele into writing that last sentence in this blog!) 

Every Monday when I write my blog, I reflect on the past seven days, my goals, and my happiness! I think “I could not possibly be happier with my progress” and then I have a week like this week! I have more happy news!


Best report card EVER! 🙂

Last week I went to the doctor for my 8- week check-up and for once, I was not horrified to get on the scale. My doctor was happy when he saw that I was down 15 and a half pounds lighter than I was at my February visit. I believe there may have been a high-five involved! He didn’t believe the nurse’s report that my blood pressure was 116/78 so he did it himself and sure enough – 116/78. I may have received a high five them too! The reason for my follow up appointment was to discuss the high blood pressure I had only 8 weeks ago. I was so happy to know that a weight loss of “only” 15 and a half pounds made such a different in my health. I then scored a “perfect” on my EKG. I was so happy to leave his office without prescriptions that I was not even worried about my stop at the lab for blood work.

A few days after my visit, I got a letter in the mail from my doctor letting me know that not only did my weight and blood pressure go down, but my cholesterol and blood sugars went down too! I am thrilled! It’s been hard work but in a matter of 8 weeks, I have completely changed my health. I don’t think I have ever received a letter from my doctor signed “very good!”

I am more determined now than ever to keep up my healthy lifestyle! I know I’ve said it before but if I can do it, you can do it!I hope all of my friends and readers who want to lose weight and /or get healthy look into coming to A Healthy Balance for nutrition, bootcamp or personal training! It works (and they are so nice!)


Leave a comment: What non-scale victories have you experienced because of adopting a healthier lifestyle?


Be Healthy. Be Balanced.


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Be an AHB Rockstar: Michele Week 6.

Have you ever wanted to run a 5K? Why not sign up for one and give it a shot?! Michele took on a 5K this week! She crushed it and, get this… ENJOYED it!!!

I did it! I completed my first 5K! To those of you who don’t know me, this is a huge deal. Fitness is something I never thought I’d achieve. I’m only halfway through A Healthy Balance’s Rockstar program so I am not there yet but I am moving in the right direction. I am at a point in my life where I know I want to be fit and I am working toward that goal. I feel like everyone has my back: Alicia, Kara, my bootcamp mates, family, friends, coworkers – it’s been awesome support.

I am not a runner but I have been running for the past 5 weeks. I run. I trot. I walk. I jog. I am moving forward (usually). Because this was my first 5K I did not have a baseline race to use when determining my time frame/goal. I do wear a pedometer when I practice so I had a general idea of how much time it would take me to complete a 5K so I set a goal for myself.

Michele charlotte

Post race jubiliation!!! 🙂

Coming up to the finish line, I felt a little emotional after seeing the beautiful face, on the posters of Charlotte, the little girl we were running for. I was also emotional because I couldn’t believe that I accomplished what I thought was the impossible. When my friend Kim, who completed the race before me, yelled out my time, I couldn’t believe it! I exceeded my goal by 11 minutes! I am not a runner (yet!) so I certainly didn’t break any speed records, but I was happy just the same! I now have a baseline and I will beat it in my next 5K! Yes, I believe I am hooked. I was told I would be and it’s true.

Back at home, I took a giant leap and donated the clothes that no longer fit. I am not going back there. At my 4 week check-in, I learned that I had lost 4 inches in addition to 5 more pounds. My clothes are fitting differently and some are not fitting at all! I don’t have much in my closet that fits correctly so I will have to work extra hard at eating right and exercising so I can shop for new clothes. I want to wait until I hit goal to do a big shopping spree so my wardrobe is limited at the moment. I hope my coworkers like my new black dress pants because they will be seeing them a lot of the next few weeks!

Closet clean out time!

Closet clean out time!

This is not a diet; this is a long term lifestyle change. It is amazing to my how quickly pounds add up, but how slowly they come off. There is a lot of exercise involved to lose 1 pound! The nutrition tips I have learned from Kara will stay with me indefinitely. I am already planning healthy menus for summertime pool parties! Maybe I’ll even wear a bathing suit!


Be Healthy. Be Balanced.


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Be an AHB Rockstar: Michele Week 5.

Week 5 and Michele is already taking on some exciting new challenges and adventures…

I believe one of the most surprising emails I have ever received was yesterday’s confirmation of my registration for a 5K! I’ve always said I wanted to do one and now I am going to do one. I don’t expect that I will come in first place, but I do expect that I will finish and I will try my hardest along the way. I plan to participate in upcoming 5K events and I have high hopes that my finishing times will get better with each race. After only 4 weeks of exercise and determination, the athlete in me is coming out. To my amazement, I have exercise gear and running sneakers on my birthday gift wish list.Whimsy_Stamps_Sentiments_Collection_Birthday_Wish_List_Stamps I have never before wanted these things and now I can’t get enough. My after work and weekend wardrobe is changing from comfortable pajamas to yoga pants and sports bras. Who is this woman?!


I don’t dread bootcamp like I did the first two weeks (yes Alicia, I dreaded it although I’m sure my enthusiasm hid it!) but I actually look forward to it now. I feel confident in my abilities and don’t really mind if I’m the least athletic in the room. I am there, I am focused and I am making an effort. Finally. While I certainly don’t find it easy, I do find it easier. When I’m not at an after work bootcamp, I am out running (or attempting to run!) to get ready for the 5K. I wear a pedometer and always try to beat my time from the day before. It’s a challenge that I actually look forward to. The trunk of my car looks like a disorganized aisle of a sporting goods store! I have exercise wear for all types of weather, an iPod, sneakers, socks, etc – I’m always prepared to accept an invitation to workout.



Now that my Rockstar blog is live and “everyone” knows that I’m doing, the comments are coming in and they are positive. I have people telling me “you’re an inspiration” and “you’re motivating me to get fit” and “you look great!” I never thought I’d hear these things directed at me! I know I have a long way to go and I intend on keeping it up!

I can’t wait to share with you how I do on my 5K. If I can do this, you can do this!


Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

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