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Be an AHB Rockstar: Meet Michele.

Meet our newest Rockstar Michele. She is just starting out on her 12 week journey of personal training, bootcamps, and nutrition and is here to share her story with you. Make sure to check back each week and cheer her on as she makes some BIG changes to her lifestyle. And if you missed it make sure to go back through the archives to see how our last Rockstar Kathleen did during her 12 week journey.


Four weeks ago my husband, Dru challenged me to join him in his weight loss effort. Of course I jumped at the “dare” and was happy to have a partner to keep me in check. We made changes in our eating habits and grocery shopping choices and we are already looking forward to spring when we can get out to walk, swim and bike! (Everyone knows you can’t exercise during the winter months, right?)

I need to make a change.

I quickly discovered that the “myth” that men lose weight quicker than women, is true! While Dru and I were eating very similarly, he lost eighteen pounds in the first two weeks compared to my four pounds. SERIOUSLY?!

I need to make a change.

Mine did NOT look like this

Mine did NOT look like this

Even though it’s winter, when exercise is clearly not allowed, I joined a friend for a Pilates class Sunday morning.  I got up early, put on my yoga pants and headed out the door. I’ve never done Pilates before, but I was not the least bit hesitant. How hard could it be to lie on a mat and stretch? Then I was introduced to Downward Dog. Wow… who knew? This crazy instructor wanted me to bend over, support my weight on my hands, and lift my leg in the air?! I am in way over my head here and I still have 59 minutes left of class.

I need to make a change.

At my doctor’s appointment yesterday, my doctor said, “you’re down ten pounds since your November visit. Great work!” I told her about our new healthier living plan. Before I could mention Dru’s weight loss, she added “Don’t get discouraged; you do know that men lose quicker than women.” Hearing those words made me more motivated than ever to do better on my Wednesday morning weigh-ins!

I need to make a change.

Despite my motivation, on the way back to the office, I bought an oatmeal raisin cookie at Starbucks. What started out as an innocent stop for a cup of tea ended up with my holding a plate size cookie! Why do I do that?

I need to make a change.

If only it were this easy...

If only it were this easy…

The madness continued at home. While sitting at my desk doing our taxes, my daughter came into the room and asked me if I wanted a hot fudge sundae from Friendly’s. Of course I do! I deserve a treat- I lost TEN pounds! When my husband came in and saw the sundae, he shrieked “what is THAT?” His reaction reminded me once more that I have to stop rewarding my weight loss with a fattening treat.

I’ve been saying I NEED to make a change for too long. I am now saying I WANT to make a change. I am pleased to announce that I am the next AHB Rockstar and I AM going to make a change.

Check back every Monday to follow along with Michele’s journey and feel free to leave her some words of encouragement 🙂

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.



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