Be an AHB Rockstar: Kathleen Week 9


Decisions, decisions, decisions…

The holidays are a hard time for all of us to stay on track. Check in with Kathleen as she tackles Christmas with her new lifestyle…

Twas the week before Christmas (at least when I wrote this it was)… and yup, the Christmas season has arrived in full force. Work parties, family events, get togethers with friends… It feels like everywhere I turned this week there were dark corners of decisions just waiting to be made. Whose great idea was it to grant me “Rockstar” status during the holidays again?

I know that I am probably starting to sound like a broken record- but I just can’t stop comparing the Kathleen who is sitting here typing this to the Kathleen from a year ago. The differences – both physically and mentally – seem almost unreal. The Kathleen from a year ago felt trapped in her own body. Her idea of exercise consistented of walking from the office to the train station. She made excuses. She consumed without thinking. She was in downtown denial.

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

Since that Kathleen has (quite literally!) disappeared, it’s been a completely different ball game this year. I’ve been pre=gaming parties with healthy lunches and dinners so that I don’t feel overwhelmed by temptation. I’ve

learned some delicious recipes so that I can bring an appetizer that I feel good about eating. But I’ve also allowed myself to relax a little and enjoy without feeling so rigid. (Dare I say that combo equals… “A Healthy Balance“?!) And since working out now ranks up there with eating, sleeping and breathing- I’ve faithfully stayed true to my weekly schedule of bootcamp, personal training and running. I’m starting to feel like I might actually have a grip on this.

Bad picture quality, but you get the idea :)

Bad picture quality, but you get the idea 🙂

The greatest “early Christmas present” I got this year? Walking into my fiance’s company holiday party and having his coworkers ask if he called off his engagement… because they didn’t recognize the girl that he was with. Now THAT is what reminds me that this is all so incredibly, absolutely, and positively worth it.

# of sarcastic eye rolls towards Alicia: There is a big fat blank spot on the chart for the second week in a row… yeah!

Can you see what that says?!?! Yup, ZERO eye rolls!

Can you see what that says?!?! Yup, ZERO eye rolls!

# of days I logged my meals: 4… must stay on track!
# of times I ate chicken: 3
# of real pushups: I’m up to 5 good, solid pushups in a row. Remember when I couldn’t even do one?

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.


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