Be an AHB Rockstar: Kathleen Week 8

tomorrow-is-a-new-dayTwo thirds of the way there and Kathleen is still going strong. This week she wraps up with Maisie for nutrition and realizes that life isn’t always perfect and according to plan. What do you do when your plan gets derailed?

I can’t believe that I’m heading into the last 4 weeks of this program. In some ways I feel like it’s gone by so quickly, but then I think about how much I’ve accomplished and changed in the last 8 weeks and it kind of blows my mind. It was measurement week again and I’ll admit, I was more excited than hesitant this time around than at week 4. Alicia always does this awkward laugh during my measurements which makes me a little nervous — but really she’s laughing because neither of us can really believe the numbers. Since I started with AHB I’ve lost a total of THIRTY inches from my body. I can’t even begin to grasp the concept of that! My other exciting news is that I am only 2.5 lbs from the big 5-0! While I know I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, for some reason that number really stands out in my head. I’m so excited for it. Guess what kids… this stuff really works!


Most amazing breakfast… EVER

This week was my last nutrition meeting with Maisie. Since I have yet to hold anything back here, I’ll admit that when I began I was hesitant about this half of the deal. To me it felt like this was just going to be a constant check up on what I was/wasn’t eating, and I wasn’t sure what more she could possibly teach me. I think what Maisie and I accomplished is not what I expected, but definitely what I needed. Together we attacked my food boredom problem head on, taking it meal by meal and coming up wiht new things to try. Some were kind of a flop (yep, still not completely on board the oatmeal train) but some were a welcome addition to my repetoire (greek yogurt + pear + almonds + honey = most amazing breakfast combo ever). I’m also happy to report that I have kept up with my plan of trying one new food a week. In the last few weeks my taste buds have bravely tried haddock, persimmons, crab cake, lentils and tofu. I have to say none of them were terrible – thus proving that it’s good to try new things (Sorry Mom, I know you spent my entire childhood trying to teach me this).

For those of us who have no idea what a persimmon is

I think that the most important thing that came out of my time with Maisie is the understanding that not every day is going to be perfect. I had created this idea in my head that every single meal had to be regimented, counted and according to “plan” and when it didn’t go this way, I felt like a failure. I would kick myself over little things: half a cupcake to celebrate my fiancee’s birthday, a dinner out where My Fitness Pal couldn’t handle the amount of chips and guacamole I had consumed. I would wake up extra early in the morning for a run in fear that the number on the scale would double. Maisie helped me finally understand that life happens and that part of life is stopping to enjoy it; whether it be a cupcake or dinner with friends. It doesn’t mean I’m going to completely backslide and lose all of my healthy habits, and I’m certainly not going to gain 10 pounds overnight. Every day isn’t going to be perfect, but that doesn’t mean tomorrow isn’t another chance to wake up and get back on track. weight_-cartoon_scale

I feel like it’s probably a pretty common fear for anyone who’s lost a significant amount of weight: “What if I mess up? What if I gain it all back?” What Maisie knew all along, and what I know now is that I’ve worked too hard for something like this to happen. My new outlook on life, food, and fitness is something that I will never take for granted. I am a completely different person than I was 9 months ago- and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

# of sarcastic eye rolls towards Alicia: You’re not even going to believe this…. I walked away with a CLEAN SLATE this week!! ZERO!
# of days I logged my meals: 
6 (again, not every meal- but something every day)
# of times I ate chicken: 
# of “real” pushups: 
SOOOOO many!

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.


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