Be an AHB Rockstar: Kathleen week 7

Running-RoadThis week’s post is a little different from my usual weekly write-ups. While out on our Saturday run Alicia declared that I am officially a runner. Curious as to what makes someone a “runner”? So was I. So have no fear, we came up with a top-ten style list. On that note I present to you…

The Top 10 Reasons Kathleen Is Now A Runner
A.K.A. – how my life is 180 degrees different than it was a year ago

10. You pack your running shoes on vacation.
This summer I went to California for two weeks. I packed my sneakers in hopes that I could keep up with my workouts. Not only did I keep up, but I ran almost every morning and guess what? Some of my favorite memories from my trip were those runs!

9. You spend more money on race fees than bar tabs.
I’ve learned that races are addicting, but costly. The feeling after finishing a race = always worth it. The feeling after waking up with a hangover from said bar tab = not always worth it.  Road races -1, bar tabs -0.

8. You’ve run in all weather conditions.
Heat wave, slippery leaves, rain, snow- I’ve officially run in every element. And guess what? I survived them all. When I started running I figured that I would end things once it got cold, but here it is, mid-December, and I’m still out there!


7. Your closet contains more running clothes than regular clothes. 
Slowly but surely, my workout wardrobe is taking over my dresser and closet. But considering that I am wearing it 6 days a week there’s always an excuse to buy more. A girl’s gotta have options for what to sweat in, right?! And I’m not even ashamed to admit that not only do I own spandex running pants… but they are my absolute favorite piece of clothing.

photo-3And perpetuating the issue of too many clothes…

6. You get excited to buy new workout gear.
Besides running my other new favorite pastime is buying new gear. Fitted capris, tank tops, 1/4 zip jackets… I can’t get enough! Every day I feel like there’s some new fitness item that I add to my wish list.  And I’m embarrassed to admit how much I’ve been drooling at the thought of my next pair of running shoes.


Like a kid in a candy store…

5. You’ve crossed the road “on the fly.”
I’m still a little unclear about what this means- but apparently I did it, and it’s what “real runners” do. So that’s awesome.
Alicia clarifies: Kathleen crossed the road without stopping at a corner, looking both ways, pressing the cross walk light, and waiting for it to turn. Meaning she crossed the road,  not at a corner, when there were no cars coming just so she could keep her pace during her run. By doing this she gave up the convenient opportunity to get a break and stop to wait for the light.

4. You use running as a stress relief.
When you’ve had a long day at work, a fight with your significant other, or just an overall crappy day – how do you deal with it? For the first time in my life when I’m in a bad mood, all I want to do is run. Some of my best thinking has been done in my running shoes. Another plus? The end result is a whole lot better than it would have been if I decided to sit in front of the TV and stuff my face instead.


3. You inspire and motivate others to run.
This one is Alicia’s. I don’t know how much I “inspire and motivate,” I actually think that people just say to themselves, “if THAT girl can do it, obviously I can.” Either way, I like having friends to run with. And I sure as hell have been inspired and motivated by those who have welcomed me into this crazy little world 🙂

2. You’ve run an entire 5K.
I realize that for some runners a 5K is a small accomplishment. And maybe at some point I’ll look back and think it is too. But Thanksgiving morning when I began that 5K and didn’t stop running until I crossed the finish line? Most. Amazing. Feeling. EVER.

1. You actually enjoy running.
I never, ever, EVER thought I would hear myself say these words. There is actually a documented conversation with one of my best friends where I said “I will never be a runner.” But guess what? I am now, and I like it. Turns out I was wrong. But of all things to be wrong about, I’ll take it 😀


# of sarcastic eye rolls towards Alicia: only 2! (And those 2 were TOTALLY worth it)
# of days I logged my meals: not every meal every day…but at least one meal every day this week is pretty good?
# of times I ate chicken: 2
# of “real” pushups: there’s no such thing as “modified” pushups in my diet anymore 🙂

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.



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4 responses to “Be an AHB Rockstar: Kathleen week 7

  1. Donna Mav

    Awesome!! I think Kathleen and I are on the same pace. Ran my first 5K thanksgiving morning also. Packed my sneakers for vacation last week. Haven’t run in lousy weather yet nor have I crossed the road on the fly, but those are two things to aspire to! Congrats, Kathleen!

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