Be an AHB Rockstar: Kathleen Week 4

Kathleen faces down measurement week and continues to discover all of the different ways to measure progress.

Ahh, measurement week…

20121206-065110.jpgA necessary but nerve wracking event. I knew I had been working hard the last few weeks, but there’s nothing worse than psyching yourself up for disappointment. The good news? I was anything BUT disappointed. The inches are still melting away (Where DO they go, Nikki and Alicia?!). I’m down another 4 pounds and are you ready for the best part? Ready? READY?

I. am. NORMAL!!!!

Not obese, not overweight, just plain old average/mediocre/normal body fat percentage. “What’s up now? Not this girl’s body fat, that’s for sure!” I’m pretty sure I spent the rest of the week reminding myself of this at every opportunity possible. Every mirror I passed, every pair of pants I put on, every workout I finished a little voice in my head said “You rock, normal girl!” Who knew that being just plain old average could feel THIS good?

I feel as though I am at a point where I need to insert a disclaimer. I realize that so far my posts may be making this seem like one easy, breezy road. So let me be clear: not every day is a piece of cake. There are days when I am ready to throw the heaviest weight possible at Alicia and walk out the door. When I’m running against the freezing cold wind on a COMPLETELY empty beach I think to myself “What the hell am I doing out here?” In a moment of weakness a meal consisting entirely of several types of cheese and cupcakes sounds like a perfectly good idea.


Hello… Anyone out there? Nope, just me, running all alone

The difference between the girl I was back then, and the girl that I am today is that before I’d quickly give into those thoughts. “Stay in bed, you deserve it!” “You’re right- it’s WAY too cold to run today.” “Indulge yourself, we’ll make it up tomorrow.” And now? I’ve worked far too hard to stop and give up this easily. I know I’ll regret a night of careless eating, but I’ve never once regretted a workout. I’ve never come back from a run and thought, “well that was a terrible idea.” I feel stronger. I feel braver. This is my life, and it’s completely in my hands.

On that note (at the time I’m writing this), Thanksgiving is a week away. A holiday that revolves around food and indulging, excellent. Conveniently, this little experiment is going to take me through ALL of the holidays (Thank youuu Alicia). So if there is ever a time to test my strength and motivation, this is it. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous. I read a magazine article the other day that said that the average American will gain .08 pounds over the six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. While that seems pretty miniscule, it’s .08 pounds more than I’m willing to sacrifice. Maisie and I are making plans to prepare me for success, but to not feel like I’m sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else enjoy themselves. So bring it on, Thanksgiving. At least all the turkey will break up my chicken meals for awhile 😉

# of sarcastic eye rolls towards Alicia: Only 4! (documented, anyways)…Does this mean I could be close to ENJOYING this?!?!

# of days I logged my meals: 3

# of times I ate chicken: 4

# of “real” pushups: 5? 6? It’s quite possible that my pushups outnumber my eye rolls this week!

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.



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3 responses to “Be an AHB Rockstar: Kathleen Week 4

  1. I remember that day when you told me that you became average. But there is nothing mediocre about your tenacity and commitment! I admire your resolve and can’t help but be so proud of you. Is there a tier higher than rockstar? Because can’t be your ceiling 😉 Keep up the amazing work!

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