Be an AHB Rockstar: Kathleen Week 2

Kathleen takes on week 2 and realizes the importance of recognizing every small change as a victory…

I feel that like many people, my life revolves around waiting for big things to happen. In my mind, change can only be seen in very obvious ways. In weight loss, this usually equals dramatic drops on the scale, clothes falling off, you get the picture. So when these things aren’t happening, it’s pretty easy to get discouraged.

This week in my one on one session Alicia plopped down a set of weights for curls. WHile this isn’t anything out of the ordinary, I certainly gave them a second glance before picking them up. Twenty pound weights? (I’m pretty sure I just graduated from 12s?)
Surely this was a mistake. When the look on Alicia’s face told me that no, this was not a mistake I hesitantly lifted them. My arms burned, I was positive I was going to lose a limb in the process…but I did it. Not one round, but two. And after putting them down it hit me- I had in fact, just curled the total weight that I have lost. And it was AMAZING!

My point is that somewhere in this journey I got caught up in numbers and sizes. In expressing my frustration (one might call it complaining) to Alicia that I have no accurate way to measure my progress she said “Well, how do you feel?” The answer? I feel AMAZING. Better than I have in a long time. And in the end, that’s what is most important.

So this week I’m celebrating victories that, no matter how small they are, are just as important as the number on the scale. I resisted bags of Halloween candy. I made it through a round of warm ups without wanting to stop. I found a new breakfast that DOESN’T involve Mr. Thomas and his english muffins. A hurricane canceled my evening workout, so I got my butt out the door for bootcamp at 6:30 am. When dinner plans with friends involved a cheesy lasagna, I brought a kale salad as a side. I woke up on a Sunday morning EXCITED for a run.

This week – I win 🙂

# of sarcastic eye rolls towards Alicia: Alicia counted 9 in my one on one session, so I’m going to have to go with at least 12 for the week
# of days I logged my meals: 1. oops, serious fail.
# of times I ate chicken: only 2… hooray!
# of “real” pushups: 0.

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.




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