Be Effected.

The fact that it rained last Wednesday caused me to lock myself out of my house this morning. You may be thinking “huh?” Well let me explain…

My nemesis… the front door

It wasn’t a direct cause and effect, but the course of events this morning and the small decisions that I made, culminating in me locking myself out of my house, started with the rain storm we had during bootcamp last Wednesday morning. So here goes:

1. It rained last Wednesday during AM bootcamp
2. My awesome new pink sneakers got wet
3. I took off my wet sneakers and changed into dry ones in my car after class
4. I left my wet sneakers in the car (FYI-smell wise, not a good decision)
5. This morning, I got dressed, grabbed a pair of socks and headed downstairs
6. I realized I was wearing all black and didn’t want to look like I was going to a funeral, so I wanted to wear my pink kicks


7. Realizing said pink kicks were in the car, I stuffed my socks in my pocket and threw on a pair of flip flops
8. I loaded up typical bag lady style with my lunch bag, work bag, change of clothes, purse and coffee mug
9. Since I didn’t have any free hands, I used my elbow to poke my pocket to “make sure” my keys were in my pocket
10. I felt what I thought was my fabric key chain with my elbow, and proceeded to pull the door closed behind me
11. I then walked to my car, put down my one of my bags, placed my coffee cup on the roof of my car and reached into my pocket to unlock my car with… my sock?!?!

So besides an interesting story that highlights my absentmindedness, what does this have to do with health? It’s all about cause and effect.  Daily decisions that may seem like they have no consequence can add up and impact you in ways you never imagined. Think about the healthy decisions that you make or maybe struggle with daily and then imagine weeks, months, years down the line. How will those decisions that you are making now affect you? Maybe if I didn’t insist on carrying 4 bags everywhere I go, maybe if it didn’t rain last week, maybe if I brought my wet shoes in the house vs. leaving them in the car, maybe if I wore a blue shirt instead of a black shirt today I wouldn’t have locked myself out of my house. Or maybe I just need to double check that I have my keys before I close the door behind me 🙂

Leave a comment:  Can you remember a seemingly harmless decision that had an unsuspected outcome?

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.


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