Be Rewarded (with $$)!

Have you ever paid for a gym membership and not used it? Wouldn’t it be easier to get to the gym consistently if you got paid to do it? As a personal trainer, I kind of get paid to go to the gym, but even then that sometimes isn’t enough motivation. Let me introduce you to GymPact.


GymPact is an iPhone app that rewards you with real, actual money for going to the gym as many times as you say you are. Don’t worry Droid users, they’re in the process of developing a Droid app too.

How it works: At the beginning of each week you select how many times you are going to commit to going to the gym that week. If you don’t change your commitment or Pact, the same pact from the previous week rolls over. Then you wager how much you are willing to pay if you miss a gym session (the minimum is $5). Each time you go the gym you check in and must stay for at least 30 minutes for the workout to count. At the end of each week, every GymPacter who didn’t get to the gym as frequently as they said they were pay the amount they wagered into a pot and then the pot is divided amongst those Pacters who went to the gym with the frequency they committed. They also just released an update that has a Runkeeper integration so you get credit for outdoor activities that are at least 30 minutes in length and .5 miles.



Seriously this app is awesome. And it gives you real, honest to goodness money, not gift cards or points or rupees from Zelda. Thanks for the $60 GymPact! Now go download the free app and start earning some moolah

Leave a comment: How do you stay motivated to hit the gym?

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.



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2 responses to “Be Rewarded (with $$)!

  1. Katherine

    It really does give you real money! Although I have only gotten a little over a dollar each week, but it is something. Do it!

  2. Jenn

    Can’t wait for the Droid App to try this! I want to earn money for working out! 🙂

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