Be Good. Do Good. Look Good.

Want to know what’s better than a sparkly headband that actually stays on your head while you’re exercising? A sparkly headband that stays on your head while exercising and that when purchased, not only donates $1 to St. Baldrick’s Foundation but also donates another awesome sparkly headband to a young girl who is going through cancer treatment.

My hair is frequently quite unruly and finding the perfect headband is a glorious moment, so imagine my joy when I discovered that this headband not only tamed the fly-aways, but was also for such a good cause.

Rocking my blue Glitter band post run

Headbands of Hope was founded by Jessica Ekstrom after she completed a summer internship with the Make a Wish Foundation. Make sure to check out Jessica’s story and the history behind Headbands of Hope. (Fair warning: Have a box of tissues handy). Jessica makes a bunch of different styles of headbands in a bunch of different colors ranging in prices from around $10 to $18. And while there are many different styles available, the hope behind each headband is the same: make every little girl going through cancer treatment look and feel as beautiful as she truly is.

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So I don’t normally do posts like this on the blog, but I just thought this was such a great organization and truly do love my new Glitter Bands so feel free to head on over to Headbands of Hope and check them out for yourself. Also September is childhood cancer awareness month so what a better time to order a Headband of Hope than now!

Use promocode: iwearhope for free shipping between now and September 1st!

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.



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3 responses to “Be Good. Do Good. Look Good.

  1. love that headband!!! that’s a great cause – win/win!

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