Be Inspired.

I wish I was lying when I admitted I have been staying up WAY too late watching the Olympics. Keep in mind my usual “way too late” is often 8:30 pm, but that’s besides the point 🙂  So back to the point, the Olympics have been sucking me in on a nightly basis. It doesn’t matter if it is gymnastics, skeet shooting, water polo, or swimming, I can’t turn off the TV. There is something about watching these athletes who have dedicated their entire lives to competing at the highest level. They have sacrificed more than I can probably imagine and are now honored with the opportunity to represent their country on an international stage. I was talking with a friend the other day about how use of gyms, apps like MapMyRun, etc probably increase around the Olympics. It is hard to justify sitting on the couch or making up another lame excuse for skipping a workout when these athletes (most of them teenagers and young adults) have dedicated so much to become their best. Granted, the majority of us will likely never make an Olympic team, but I can always push myself to become my best. So I challenge you to think about what you can do to become your best.

Here are some ways to channel your inner Olympian:

-Sign up for a local road race or sprint triathlon. Check out for local races.
-Rediscover an old passion. See if your city or town offers adult recreation leagues for your former sport of choice, dust off your bike or pull out your swimming goggles and cap.
-Try a challenging new workout routine.

Leave a comment: How have the Olympics inspired you?

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.


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