Be A Farmer’s Market Friend.

Coming into July, most farmer’s markets are in full swing. Farmer’s markets boast plenty of healthy, local options, but can also be intimidating when you first enter. Here’s a few tips for navigating your local market.

  • Go early, but not too early. I have found arriving to the market about 1 hour after it opens is best. If you arrive too early, some farmers may still be setting up their booths and if you arrive too late, some produce may already be picked over.
  • Go late (if you want a deal). Towards the end of the market, most farmer’s will be willing to bargain and lower their prices a bit.
  • Bring cash and leave your purse at home. Most markets only accept cash so make sure you have cash on hand. Also, not having to worry about negotiating your purse on the fly will free up your hands to carry more produce.
  •  Bring your reusable bags. Help keep farmer’s cost down and be green!
  • Survey the area. Don’t just stop at the first booth you come across. Take a lap around the market and scope out your options before settling.
  • Don’t be too picky. If you want perfect looking produce, stick to the grocery store. Farmer’s market produce is more likely to have a few imperfections.
  • Speaking of imperfections… if you are purchasing produce to make a jam or sauce, ask your farmer for “seconds.” Not like the “Please sir, may I have another?” seconds, but the typically visually distressed produce that the farmer will be willing to sell for less because it can’t be displayed with their small bumps and bruises seconds. 
  • Make friends with the farmer’s. Who better to be friends with than the individual who is closest to your food?! They will be able to introduce you to new foods and even recommend new ways to prepare your bounty. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous and try some new and exciting items. 

Leave a comment: What’s your favorite farmer’s market find?

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

A Healthy Balance 


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