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Be an AHB Rockstar: Adri’s Journey Week 8

Who’s that lady? Why, it’s me! And yes, it’s been  FAR too long since I’ve blogged. Are we seeing the pattern yet? Crazy schedule, crazy life – but learning to create balance amongst it. Case in point: the 2-week sinus infection that took over my body. I wasn’t able to work out and was eating a lot of “sick” foods like soup and toast – but the minute I could breathe through my nostrils, I was at A Healthy Balance getting my butt kicked by Alicia (and gladly!).

In other news, I was recently featured in local STUFF Magazine‘s “Boston’s Sexiest” list. Weird, I know. Especially now that I’ve been going through this journey – and still being, pretty darn insecure about my body.

At the photo shoot for the magazine, it was a group of the top twenty-five “sexiest” people in Boston – and was quite a motley crew if I may say so – but everyone had that air of confidence and swagger that made them alluring. I, for one, was a great pretender, being overtly aware of being the largest girl there among some models and even a professional cheerleader.

The finished product! STUFF Magazine, April 10, 2012.

But since the mag came out, the feedback I’ve been receiving from friends (and even strangers!) has been immense – praising my confidence to get up there and strut my curves. So maybe I’m ready to  spearhead a revolution for curvy, healthy women who don’t obsess so much? I’m going to try doing more of feeling proud of myself, and less worrying about what people think.





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