Be an AHB Rockstar: Adri’s Journey Week 7

Sorry this post is a bit late (hey, it happens!) – so without further ado, checking in with Adri on week 7 of her journey. Check in on Friday for her two month update and measurements!

I feel great. Liberated, even. And guess what – I’m bloated and my pants feel tight, I had no weight loss last week and I ate a bunch of bread and cheese two nights ago.

But I’ve never felt okay with that. And on this journey with Alicia, Nikki and Meg, I’ve finally gotten to the point, in all my 28 years, that I can bounce back after life happens.

I got to this point because I had a week that didn’t adhere to my goals for fitness and nutrition. And for the first time EVER, the following week I forgave myself and got right back on the health horse.

And that’s how my life is – I’ll have good weeks and bad weeks. I’ll have great self control most of the time, but sometimes, yeah, I’ll have a slice of pizza with my friends.

But now I’ll choose vodka seltzers if I’m out for cocktails. I’ll get a salad with black beans and avocado and lots of veggies if I’m out for Mexican. I’ll wake up early to make sure to get my cardio in because I know it makes me feel awesome.

I’m making healthier choices for the long haul, is my point. My quest for fitness has always been spurts of short term goals that I do, actually, reach – but can never maintain. And then I’ll repeat the cycle…over, and over, and over again. For years.

Even though it will probably be more impressive, there’ll be no more rush to lose 15-20 lbs in 3 months. It will happen on its own while I’m making these healthy choices, whether I’m weighing myself obsessively or not.


Here’s my new goal: work out hard and consistently 3-5 times a week. Make healthy food choices intuitively and mindfully that keep me around 1,800 calories a day without having to obsessively count.

So, hello. I’m Adri. I take good care of myself. I work out several times a week, I eat really healthy and sometimes splurge, I’m okay with being curvy no matter how much I weigh, and I’m always a work in progress. I like it that way.

Leave a comment: Do you find yourself obsessively counting calories or checking the number on the scale? What do you do to shift your mindset?

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

A Healthy Balance
14B Alleyne St
Quincy, MA 


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