Be an AHB Rockstar: Adri’s Journey Week 3

Forearm burns, courtesy of the dreaded PLANK!

Checking in with Adri on Week 3 of her journey back to health…

Workouts. Alicia’s starting to catch on to my BS. I’m a big, annoying whiner when it comes to working out – I’ll do it, but I think that it subconsciously amuses me to be over-the-top about it: “Mommy whyyyyy!” and “Help me jay-sus!” – as I’m forced to do squat after squat. Fortunately, Alicia tolerates me.

I’m at the point where I feel like I’m making progress with some parts of my strength training – I’ve gone up in free-weights for my curls and other arms sets; can hold a plank longer than a few weeks ago (please see  photo for proof of scabbed elbows from planking), and, while I was out the other night, legitimately asked a random guy if he would like tickets to “the gun show,” while flexing. I was sober.

The workouts still kick my butt, though. I’m anxious to get back to where I was before when I felt stronger, more agile, and able to do these 60-minute trainings with less gasping and more confidence.

Food. I’m enjoying the Zen of food preparation and the control I’m having over the portioning. Taking time to chop vegetables, simmering and stirring my nonfat milk and steel-cut oats, slicing bananas for bulk freezing for my protein smoothies.

The best thing I did this year? Get rid of my microwave. Instead of being tempted to stock up on those sodium-heavy frozen diet meals and other easily-nukeable items, I actually have to cook, on or in an oven, every single thing I eat. I’ve become mildly obsessed with making fresh popcorn on my stove with a little oil, and standing over the pot to watch as each kernel bursts into deliciousness.

Finding more creative ways to integrate nutrients in my diet (and making sure I don’t get bored of the same foods) has been truly enjoyable. For breakfast or lunch, I often scramble egg whites with some veggies and black beans, and needed something new – so I threw some spinach, mushrooms, garlic, chives and Boca protein shreds into a casserole dish with some egg whites, slid it in the oven, and had myself a savory egg white bake. And I could eat the entire thing!

My egg white bake: 3 cups liquid egg whites, veggies, etc.; bake at 350° for 20 mins, top with salsa. Voila!

Balance. I’m trying to balance out my philosophies about life and still adhere to my nutrition goals – which is proving to be harder than I thought. For instance, I’ve always been a “you only live once” kind of gal; someone who likes to experience and take adventures. When I’m hosting an event at an amazing restaurant, and they bring out a crazy new dish that I want to try, it’s hard for me to say no. Case in point: Devils on Horseback. This past Wednesday, I hosted a private whiskey tasting party at the highly-acclaimed Saloon in Davis Square, Somerville – and when they brought out these delicious-looking creatures, I could hardly say no. What are they? Medjool dates stuffed with feta cheese, wrapped in bacon, then deep fried. I know, I know, not a ringer on the nutrition scale, but man were they good. And when would I ever really get to try one of those again?

That said, I’ll be able to get control over those things. Less of this “well, it’s a special occasion!” talk, and more “well, hey, I would like to fit into my clothes again plz thaaaanks.” I went to the movies tonight and brought my own measured-out amount of popcorn, and yeah, I splurged and counted out ten M&Ms to sate my chocolate craving. I high-fived myself for limiting my intake and still being able to enjoy each bite.

Overall, I’m feeling stronger, more confident about my choices, and – most importantly – more in control.

Total weight loss: 4 lbs

Leave a comment: How do you find a balance between “living life to the fullest” and “living life to the healthiest”?  And yes, the two can be in line with each other!

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.
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Quincy, MA 


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