Be an AHB Rockstar: Adri’s Journey Week 2

$5 charge for whining! I owe them at LEAST a paycheck's worth for that.

Wow. That was a crappy week for workouts. In documenting this, I’ve learned that clearly, when something shifts in my routine (like with my knee injury), it can shake up a whole week’s worth of plans. My usual personal training sessions with Alicia are on Monday and Friday mornings – and when Alicia got sick and had to reschedule our Monday sesh, instead of going to the gym, I sat home and watched streaming Netflix. Then, again the next day, and the next, until Friday, which was my first workout of the week.

The good news is that when I DID meet for my sesh with Alicia on Friday, she kicked my butt in the best way. I also met for the first time with Meg for Wellness Consulting, and with Nikki for Nutrition Consulting.

Wellness Consulting with Meg. I can’t say enough good things about this – EVERYONE should have Meg around at all times. Seriously, I may just put her on speed-dial. Though I went into this Skype session clueless as to what wellness consulting actually was, I left with a feeling of great relief. Since my biggest issue these days is having a work/life balance, and making time for both physical and mental health, I really need someone to say, “hey, you need to do this, at this time, and don’t slack off!” – and that’s what Meg does.

We chatted a bit about what my life is like and what my biggest health hurdles have been (food issues, feeling burnt out and down sometimes; occasionally isolating myself); and then we worked out ways to smooth them out. I now have 3 simple goals for this week, that I’ve made sure to adhere to.

While we did realize that I clearly need a therapist to talk out my other issues on a weekly basis, this was a lighter, more direct way to change the things in your life that can easily be fixed with a little expert prompting and organization.

Nutrition Consulting with Nikki. Nikki knows her stuff. Despite how much research I’ve done on nutrition in the past, she still had valuable information for me, and helped adjust my daily calorie goals to a reasonable number to which I could actually maintain. Hooray for 1,800 calories a day! That added on, like, two meals for me.

The best part? I can eat two tablespoons of peanut butter a day and still not be a glutton! That’s going to be part of my apple and PB snack for my “small meal” time, since Nikki advised I eat five times a day, and gave me a full breakdown of the things I should be choosing.

At my office, we have a kitchenette stocked with snacks (pita chips, pretzels, dried fruit, cereal, string cheese and lots more) and I’ve been having issues staying away from those easy-to-grab items like Popchips and handfuls of peanut M&Ms. Armed with a list of all the snackfood available at the office, Nikki then told me my best options and told me to stick to them. I’m pretty psyched that string cheese is on that list, by the way.

The Takeaway. I guess the important thing to remind myself about this is that life, in general, is never, ever constant. It will be my ability to roll with these metaphorical punches that leads me to my overall success in health. If something doesn’t go the way I planned, or fit into that routine I crave, I need to shrug it off and do the next best thing – and remind myself that I can’t expect perfection of anything.

Weight loss to date: 3 lbs

Leave a comment: How do you deal with changes in your schedule or unforeseen obstacles that derail your healthy plan?

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

A Healthy Balance
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