Be an AHB Rockstar: Adri’s Journey Week 1

Adri joined our bootcamps early last spring and participated a few days a week for several months. Over the course of those few months Adri increased her strength and endurance, lost weight and inches and decreased her body fat. Unfortunately, she sustained a knee injury and was sidelined in early summer. But now she’s back and she has agreed to share her journey back to health with you. Please check back weekly to track her progress and read updates from Adri. – AHB

Well here we are – my first week in and already I’m feeling healthier (really!). The past several days have been all about figuring out a “healthy balance” (har har!) between work and life, and bringing fitness back into my extremely hectic schedule. My job requires me to be out several nights a week, hosting events, running around to meetings, and spending a lot of time around amazing, gourmet food and well-crafted drinks, so making healthy choices can get tough.

Workouts. This week, I managed to get to the gym for cardio 4 times for 30-45 minutes in addition to two super-early-in-the-morning 60-minute personal training sessions with Alicia. The best part is that we keep making up new names for the exercises we’re doing – and changing them all to geeky ones that I can relate to. Example: Ninja Turtle Nunchuk Scissor Kicks.

Although I feel like I’m making progress, it’s frustrating not to be able to do the things I could before – like holding a plank for a full 60 seconds without dropping a knee; doing mountain climbers for longer periods of time; and lifting heavier weights without my arms failing out.

Food. For breakfast, I switched from giant bowls of less-than-healthy cereal, bagels with cream cheese and egg and cheese english muffins to greek yogurt with fruit and honey; steel cut oatmeal with a bit of brown sugar and blueberries; or thick smoothies full of fruit and veggies.

Instead of pretending that my “healthy snack” of apples and peanut butter was still healthy with half a container of PB, I limited it to two tablespoons and suffered. Nah, not really – but did you KNOW how many calories are in PB? What a cruel, cruel world this is.

This week’s WIN: I ordered a grilled salmon with black rice and beet salad instead of grilled cheese or mac n’ cheese at Cafeteria in Boston.

This week’s #FAIL: Cheeeeeeese! At a cocktail party I was hosting, I couldn’t resist trying (again and again) the four artisan cheeses I had picked up from Whole Foods earlier that day. I may or may not have dipped whole chunks of cheese into hummus. DON’T JUDGE ME!


Adri after doing one too many “Ninja Turtle  Nunchuck Scissor Kicks” (please note the Donatello head band). She has been pushing herself to the limit during workouts and I can’t wait to see her numbers at the end of this week!

-Be Healthy. Be Balanced.


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