Be Scaled Down.

A reader commented on a post last week about being on the treadmill at the gym and seeing all these commercials for seemingly “magic” weight loss solutions. While I know this reader won’t resort to those methods, it seems that many people turn to the quick fix, looking for drastic weight loss. Unfortunately, these solutions are, more often than not, more damaging than beneficial. Just to see the number on the scale change, people are willing to try anything and frequently at any monetary cost.

So this is where I am going to challenge you to challenge yourself. Forget about the number on the scale. Instead of focusing on the number, focus on a healthy lifestyle. Invest your time and money not in pills and shakes, but instead in fresh produce and nutrition classes, seek out a personal trainer or fitness bootcamp, get a pair of running shoes. Instead of looking for the number on the scale to go down, try to make the number of healthy choices you make daily go up. Track that number and use that as your marker of progress on your wellness journey.

Scales only have the power which we bestow upon them.
In reality, a scale is just a small household item made of metal & springs & dials.
A scale is a toaster is a blender is an electric toothbrush is a weed whacker.
Imagine if I said, “My self-worth is determined by the toaster.”
Sounds pretty weird, eh?
Or “I’m fat, the lawnmower said so!”
Or “I have to check with the blender to see if I like myself today.”
The power only comes in when we choose to hand all of ours
over to an inanimate object.
(copyright Kensington)

-Be Healthy. Be Balanced


Leave a comment: Are you up for the challenge?


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