Be Tall.

Having good posture leads to many physical and psychological benefits.  Check yourself right now-are you sitting up? slouching your back? or maybe you have even sunk completely into your chair? Now sit up a bit taller-don’t you instantly feel better?

Some benefits of having good posture:

  • Decreased likelihood of neck and back pain
  • Your body works more efficiently and is less likely to fatigue
  • Reduced likelihood of restricted blood vessels and nerves
  • Increased confidence and appearance of authority
  • Can make you appear taller and slimmer
All these things sound great, right? So now how do you get there?
Tips for improving your posture:
  • Assess your work space for ergonomic efficiency
  • Get a good quality chair
  • Sit with your butt at the innermost edge of the chair-if you can’t reach with your feet still flat on the ground, get a back cushion
  • Take breaks away from the computer if you are working for more than an hour
  • Pretend your body is being held up by a string attached to the top of your head
  • Distribute the weight you carry around-switch from an over the shoulder bag to a backpack and empty out unnecessary items
  • Have a visual reminder for yourself. Pick a color and every time you see that color double check your posture
  • Strengthen the muscles that support your posture-back, hips, and core

Remember, completely changing your posture isn’t going to happen overnight, but try to incorporate these tips throughout your daily activities.

Leave a comment: Do you have any tricks that help you with your posture?

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

-Alicia and Nikki



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3 responses to “Be Tall.

  1. Janice Porter

    My yoga teacher suggested tilting the rear view mirror in the car just a tad high. When I look in it and find I’m not getting a full view of what’s behind me, I remember to adjust my posture instead of the mirror. I still have a long way to go but I do find that works when I’m driving.

  2. meg j

    Thanks for the tips… this is much needed!!

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