Be Sick.

Unfortunately, it is that time of year and while I hope that you all make it through the winter unscathed, chances are you’ll at least get the sniffles or a cough. I often have clients that show up for training sessions when they’re sick or they call and cancel, knowing their body needs rest. Or my favorite is the old “I’m going to sweat it out routine” to help kick a cold.

So last year I asked my doctor what the deal was. Is there any truth to sweating out a cold or should you really just stay home and rest? Apparently the answer is all in your head! The general rule is if your symptoms are above your neck (for example, a running nose) you are clear to participate in moderate intensity activity. If your symptoms are in your chest or lungs, or you feel achy all over, give yourself some rest.

Good luck this cold season and don’t forget to wash your hands regularly!


Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

-Alicia and Nikki



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2 responses to “Be Sick.

  1. I had a runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing every symptoms under the sun associated with a cold. I sweat it out at home but I don’t go to the gym when sick for fear of spreading it and also I really hate seeing sick people at the gym.
    A lot of resting did it for me. I missed going to the gym but the resting really helped.

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