Be Winterized.

After spending the morning Christmas shopping at the mall and then watching the Patriots play a very snowy game in Chicago (really I was thinking about how thankful I am that it isn’t a home game and I, therefore, don’t have to shovel out my car tomorrow morning), I got to thinking about all of the activities this time of year that are quite efficient calorie burners and some of them are even kind of fun!

  • General house cleaning for all those holiday visitors: 145 calories per hour
  • Shopping: 150-250 calories per hour, depending on pace and load you are carrying
  • Shoveling snow by hand: 293 calories per hour
  • Ice skating: 263 calories per hour
  • Downhill skiing: 280 calories per hour
  • Snowshoeing: 400 calories per hour

**These counts based on a 140lb female**

Keep these activities in mind as the cold weather starts to set in or when you want to switch up your gym routine!


Leave a comment: What are your favorite winter activities that double as exercise?

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

-Alicia and Nikki


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