Be (Un)Craved.

Picture this…you’re sitting in an armchair, reading your favorite magazine (let’s say Real Simple, my personal fav), and all of a sudden it hits…an evil CRAVING!  You know there is chocolate in the kitchen, and you know you shouldn’t go get it, but you just can’t resist. And maybe its not chocolate, maybe its chips or soda, but no matter what the craving is here are a few tips to help curb them:

1. Keep busy-Often we are too quick to give into our cravings. When you feel one coming on, get up and do something active to change your focus.

2. Then wait it out-Try and hold out on your cravings. Wait 10-15 minutes, focus on something else and then reassess what you are feeling.

3. Swap out for healthier options and keep them on hand-If you typically crave chocolate, don’t keep a extra large bag of Hershey bars in your desk drawer. Instead keep chocolate soy milk in your office fridge. We tend to eat what is handy and accessible and we’re a lot less likely to run out to the store for a craving vs. running to the kitchen for a craving.

4. Drink a glass of water-Many times our cravings a simply dehydration disguised.

5. Don’t deprive yourself-While it may seem counter intuitive, making certain foods “off limits” makes them that much more appealing. Think about how badly you want to touch the wall when a “WET PAINT” sign is posted. Just strive to take these “off limit” things in moderation.

6. Don’t beat yourself up-If you slip up and give in to a craving, don’t feel like all your health attempts are wasted and beat yourself up over it. Simply take the slip for what it is, and move on.

7. Never skip a meal-Make sure to eat regularly to prevent getting to the point of so hungry you’ll eat anything in sight.

8. Understand the root of your craving-Are you craving chocolate because a commercial came on TV with a molten lava cake? (sorry to all you marketing majors out there, I know the point of those commercials is to make us crave that chocolate) Or are you craving something because you are stressed, or bored? Do you best to deal with your cravings at their root instead of letting them take over.


Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

-Alicia and Nikki


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