Be A Diligent Diner.

Dining out poses several challenges to those of us trying to watch our waistlines or just make healthier choices.  Menu items are frequently over-portioned and have hidden ingredients, calories and fat. Dining out doesn’t necessarily have to wreak havoc on your healthy lifestyle.

Here are some tips for being more diligent when dining out:

  1. Have a piece of fruit or a small snack before you go out if it has been awhile since you last ate. This will quiet your hunger and help you make more sound decisions when looking at the menu.
  2. Do your homework. Many restaurants list their menus online, along with nutritional information which will help you select a tasty and healthy option without feeling rushed by a server or making a choice without all the nutrition information.
  3. Wait to order your dinner until you’ve finished your appetizer.  How many times have you ordered an appetizer and a meal only to realize you’re full after the appetizer?
  4. Ask for a to-go box when you order and wrap up half your meal as soon as it arrives at the table. Doing so will help you resist the temptation of picking at your plate until the server comes back to clear it saving you unnecessary calories, not to mention lunch for the next day!
  5. Modify the menu. Ask for dressing and sauces to be on the side and fried items to be grilled instead.  (And don’t worry, I can guarantee your waitress has had stranger requests.)
  6. Start with a side salad or soup and split a main dish with a friend.

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

-Alicia and Nikki


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