Be Grainy.

Eating whole grains instead of refined grains provides several health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and obesity, and can also help lower cholesterol levels. Refined grains have been polished and bleached so the outer bran layer, a layer containing rich antioxidants and fiber, and the inner germ, containing protein and healthy fats, have been removed. What’s left is the endosperm which provides carbohydrates and a small amount of vitamins and minerals.  In your healthy eating plan, strive to make at least half your grains whole.

Here are some tips to incorporate more whole grains into your diet:

  • Read the ingredients list. Whole wheat should be listed as the first ingredient. Try to limit items with “enriched” or “refined” wheat listed.
  • Don’t judge a bread simply by it’s color. Just because a bread is brown, doesn’t mean that it is a whole grain.
  • If you don’t like brown rice, try mixing half brown rice and half white rice.

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

-Alicia and Nikki


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